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You are closer to better eating than you think...

Welcome to a good human.

Get your plant-based fix in the following locations:

Abby's               Tampa

Chamberlins   Lakeland

Chamberlins   Orlando

Earth Origins  St Petersburg

Earth Origins  Sarasota

Earth Origins  Lakewood Ranch*

Earth Origins  Ocala

Earth Origins  Gainsville

Rollin Oats       St Petersburg

* coming soon

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Add a pinch of self-love to your kitchen. Join us at

St. Pete onsite cooking classes for kids & adults at every level

Organic Vegetables

nothing but goodness:

nutritionally dense rainbow food

non GMO

no refined sugars

no preservatives

gluten-free options

plant based


Our Current Menu

Our menu recipes are inspired by Indian Cuisine and goodness of the heart

Hangover Noodles.png



Hangover Noodles with scratch made teriyaki sauce, with ginger & garlic, roasted red cabbage & cauliflower. A real antioxidant boost


Korean lettuce Boats

Korean bbq gochujang & maple syrup sweet & spicy sauce Lettuce boats with slaw & cabbage fritters it’s fun, flavorful and healthful way to get your Korean food fix!

Coconut Ramen.png

Coconut Ramen Salad with Thai dressing 

A Thai Umami dressing with our scratch made vegan fish sauce, for this vibrant healthy coconut ramen noodle rainbow salad packed full of sweet & salty flavors is deliciously enticing and a crowd pleaser.


Lime and Mint Broccoli Salad

Inspired by travels to India our Bombay street food dish Lime & mint sauce broccoli salad with pistachios, raisins and a dash of chili , packed full of fresh mint and fresh lime. Served with chutneys & cumin spiced potato hash browns is a winner

Falafel Nourish Bowl.png

Falafel Nourish Bowl

Our best ever scratch made falafel with sweet potato, garbanzo beans, oats, garlic & the best Indian cumin handpicked from the spice markets of Bombay. Roasted, never fried to keep it healthy and light.


Soooo Sushi

This deconstructed sushi bowl is actually an amazing mix of two mighty cultures Japan & China. Sticky Hoisin mushrooms meet vegan caviar for a really special dish that’s healthy, delicious and packed full of goodness

Watch out for new additional lines being added - we have our salad dressings and sweet treats coming soon & much more

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